tuscany landscape

Round Trip in Tuscany

The cradle of the Renaissance - new art and history


Day 1 - Day of arrival

The journey starts in the city of Pisa in Italy. From the airport there is about 1 hour until we arrive in Montecatrini Terme, a pleasant city known for its wide range of relaxing spa and wellness offerings.

Relax and enjoy your first day in Italy.

Day 2 - Get to know Montecatini

We get a guided tour through the city and get to know the streets, shops, nightlife and the many parks. Montecatini is located between Florence and Pisa, about 50 km to each of the towns and north of the Arno River, in Valdinievole.

This is a lively city that is perhaps best known for its hot springs and spas that offer relaxing natural therapy in beautiful surroundings. If you prefer sporting activities, you will find an 18-hole golf course as well as tennis courts and a swimming pool nearby.

Day 3 - Florence

The trip goes by bus (approx. 50 min.) To the regional capital of Tuscany and the origin of the Renaissance Florence.

This beautiful city offers countless art and cultural historical experiences and is like a living museum where you are surrounded by Renaissance wonderful architecture. In the city's museums, churches and palaces you will find works of art by, among others, Raphael, Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo.

The day is used for a guided tour with sights such as Piazza Santa Croce at the Church of Santa Croce, the impressive fort which is the town hall of Florence- Palazzo Vecchio and Il Duomo, the cathedral that towers magnificently over the city with its huge dome.

Day 4 - Lucca & Pisa

The morning is spent relaxing before taking the bus to the neighboring town of Lucca (approx. 30 min.). The city is famous for its magnificent churches and fortresses, surrounded by the ring wall where many of the entrances stand to this day, as in the Middle Ages. The city is also a former hometown of composers such as Boccherini and Puccini.

We travel on to Pisa (approx. 20 min.), To visit one of Italy's most iconic sights "The Leaning Tower of Pisa" and the medieval quarter. The day is enjoyed in Pisa where will have time to wander the streets and find a nice lunch restaurant on their own.

Optional Tuscan dinner service at the hotel.

Day 5 - Montecatini

The day is yours! If you want to relax and enjoy a relaxing day in Montecantini, you have the whole day… If you are not yet ready for a break from historical experiences, join us in wonderfully beautiful Siena (approx. 1 hour 15 minutes by bus).

Siena is a very well preserved medieval and Gothic architecture. We also visit San Gimignano, the village characterized by distinctive tower buildings and a hilltop with panoramic views of Tuscany.

Day 6 - Rural Tuscany with wine tasting

Today we experience Tuscany's beautiful countryside and one of the area's vineyards where we get to taste the region's rich red wine

Day 7 - Montecatini

Spend the day in Montecatni on your own or join Vinci and visit the Leonardo Museum, followed by a visit to the olive grove where we follow the production of olive oil and get a taste.